Fighting For Justice For Abuse Victims Statewide

Holding Medical Professionals Accountable

When a medical professional such as a doctor or nurse causes a patient to suffer great harm, they often have access to a large legal team to defend them from any resulting claims against them. To ensure that you are seeking justice to your fullest ability, arm yourself with a skilled attorney.

At The Tillis Law Firm in Oakland, attorney Shawn Tillis fights on behalf of his clients through personal injury and sexual abuse claims. He knows how important it is for his clients to achieve the outcome they deserve in these cases, and he does everything in his power to achieve that goal.

Fair Compensation For Medical Mistakes

When a medical professional makes a mistake in their work, the consequences can be devastating for a patient. Whether the incident was a matter of administering the wrong prescription or dosage, failing to diagnose an illness or injury properly, or performing a surgical error, the liable party should be responsible for the current and future costs of the injuries.

If a medical professional takes advantage of their position and sexually assaults a patient, Shawn fights to see that they reap what they sowed via punishment for their actions. Filing a sexual assault claim against your abuser can prevent anyone else from suffering by their hand, and Shawn wants to be the one to help you secure that outcome in your claim.

Protect Your Best Interests

Whether you are looking to cover the costs of lost income, pain and suffering, and the full range of other consequences of a malpractice incident, or you want to see the acts of your abuser brought to light, contact a California lawyer you can trust to make your voice heard. Call 888-709-4143 or reach out online to schedule your initial consultation today.