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Answering Your Questions About Sexual Abuse Claims

One of the barriers that keep survivors of sexual assault from filing claims is a lack of information. At The Tillis Law Firm, attorney Shawn Tillis wants to provide you with the answers you need to feel more confident in making a claim. Even before you meet with him at his Oakland office, you can get the answers to some common questions below.

What is sexual abuse?

Sexual abuse can come in many different forms and can be hard to recognize. If you experienced any kind of unwanted sexual activity where the perpetrator used force, made threats, or took advantage of you in order to engage in sexual activity, the action would qualify as sexual abuse.

Can adults bring sexual abuse claims?

Adult survivors of sexual abuse absolutely have the right to seek justice against someone who harmed them years ago. Just because it seems like a lifetime ago does not mean you cannot hold your abuser accountable.

How long do I have to bring a case of sexual abuse?

There is no cutoff for filing a sexual abuse claim against someone. While it is never too late to file a claim, it is still important to file a claim as soon as possible so that you can preserve evidence and testimony for your case.

Will my case be made public?

California law does not require you to go public with your claim, and you can seek justice anonymously. While you do not have to go public in your case, a conviction for sexual crimes will likely mean that your abuser will have to be on a published registry for their crimes.

How long will my case take?

Some multimillion-dollar settlements can be reached in a matter of a few months, and more complicated cases can take longer than that. Attorney Tillis’s goal is to settle things as quickly and effectively as possible without sacrificing the quality of the outcome.

How can I start my claim?

If you are ready to bring your abuser to justice by filing a sexual assault claim against them, call 888-709-4143 or reach out online to schedule a meeting with a California attorney you can trust. Now is the best time to consult with a lawyer, so act today.