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Combatting Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Too many people struggle to perform their job while dealing with sexual harassment. For many, the fear of retaliation or losing their career keeps them from filing a claim against their harasser. Thankfully, there is help available to seek justice against those who wronged you.

At The Tillis Law Firm, California attorney Shawn Tillis helps clients throughout the East Bay Area defend their rights in the workplace against all forms of discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment. He has no tolerance for sexual abusers and is ready to hold them accountable for their actions from his Oakland office.

Identifying Sexual Harassment At Work

Many people can suffer sexual harassment without ever being touched by another employee. Common forms of harassment include:

  • Unwanted sexual comments about appearances
  • Sexual gestures
  • Sexual jokes about someone
  • Quid pro quo (offering to trade work benefits or promotions for sexual favors)
  • Sexual solicitations
  • Groping or touching

No matter what kind of harassment you have experienced, filing a claim against your harasser not only seeks to hold them accountable for their actions, it also sends a message that that kind of behavior will not be tolerated at work.

If you are concerned about your employer retaliating against you for filing a claim, know that you have the right to do so, and any punishment against you can result in additional employment discrimination claims. Shawn can help you defend your rights in these cases as well.

Perform Your Job In Confidence

You should never have to worry about experiencing sexual harassment while working. If someone has already harassed you at work, let attorney Tillis help make it clear that those actions have consequences. Call 888-709-4143 or reach out online to meet with a skilled and committed attorney who will fight for your rights.