Fighting For Justice For Abuse Victims Statewide

Standing Up To Licensed Professionals Who Abuse Their Power

When we go to a licensed professional like a doctor, dentist, priest or therapist, we place ourselves in a vulnerable position of trust with them. When those professionals break that trust and sexually abuse those who trust them, someone should hold them accountable for their actions.

Attorney Shawn Tillis of The Tillis Law Firm knows how to seek justice against sexual abusers. He offers those in the East Bay compassion and respect from his Oakland office, and he is ready to help you seek justice against your abuser.

Fight To Uphold The Truth

In cases where the abuser is in a professional position of power, their job may interfere with a claim by providing the abuser with a large legal team as a defense. Shawn is prepared to take on the most challenging cases for his clients.

He takes the time to look into the unique factors that make up your case to develop a custom-tailored strategy for representing your best interests. He does not take chances or make presumptions in these cases and is committed to helping his clients reach the ideal outcome in these kinds of claims. He fights so hard because he knows these cases are not just about seeking justice; they are also about keeping the abuser from harming anyone else in the future.

Make Your Voice Heard

If you are looking for a skilled California attorney who you can trust with your delicate situation, call 888-709-4143 or use the online form to schedule your initial consultation today. The sooner you reach out, the sooner you can earn the outcome you deserve in your claim.