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A Dedicated And Skilled Personal Injury Attorney

When you are trying to secure the compensation you need for injuries you suffered due to someone else’s negligence, you should have a lawyer at your side that you can trust to represent you. Not all attorneys in East Bay County offer the same level of representation, which is why it pays to be sure that you are getting the representation you deserve.

At The Tillis Law Firm, attorney Shawn Tillis offers his clients compassion and commitment in his services. He knows how challenging it can be to secure the fair and full settlement you need, and he is ready to act on your behalf in your claim.

Someone To Fight For You

Shawn is not a lawyer who provides the same boilerplate representation to everyone. Instead, he takes the time to sit with his clients, learn about their unique needs, and develop a custom-tailored strategy to protect their best interests. He is committed to excellence in all areas of his work, and the moment you enter his Oakland office, you will be able to recognize how he is prepared to fight for you.

Attorney Tillis helps his clients through the challenges of cases such as:

Each of these case types comes with its own long-term consequences, such as loss of income, loss of earning potential, property damage, emotional trauma, relocation or renovation to accommodate disabilities, and pain and suffering. You deserve compensation that accurately reflects these and any other consequences for your injuries, and you can find representation to achieve that goal with Shawn’s help.

Begin Building Your Case Today

If someone caused you to suffer injuries due to their recklessness or negligence, make sure you are doing everything in your power to defend your best interests. Contact a California attorney you can trust by calling attorney Tillis at 888-709-4143 or email him here.