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Long term symptoms or effects of childhood sexual abuse

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2023 | Sexual Abuse

 When someone experiences trauma, like a car accident, war or headline making mass traumas, we all understand that they might experience PTSD or have lingering psychological symptoms.

But, what if you are an adult a survivor of childhood or recent sexual abuse? There are some studied symptoms related to surviving sexual trauma.

How common is childhood sexual abuse?

According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, estimates range between around 10% to 40% of adults were sexually assaulted at one point in their youth.

Given the understanding that many survivors do not report their abuse, it is understandable if you, as an adult, have not reported the assault or abuse before. Though, not reporting the abuse does not mean that its lingering effects still do not affect your life in California.

Wide range of symptoms and effects

Further, they establish that due to childhood traumas, the range of psychological responses in adulthood is wide. Psychological symptoms include depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress symptoms, like flashbacks.

Physical symptoms mentioned are severe physical pain, eating or substance use disorders and higher likelihood of obesity. Relationship problems, like seeking unhealthy relationships or having issues with sexual intimacy, are also common.

You have options, and it is OK to ask for help

If you are a survivor of childhood sexual abuse or trauma, you may wonder if you can still report any sexual assault or have a case. Typically, when someone is responsible for the harm brought to another person, there are pathways to justice through both the criminal justice system and the civil justice system.

If at any time you find yourself struggling with persistent symptoms or aftereffects, seek help. An Oakland attorney can advocate for survivors and help you discuss what civil actions and criminal report methods are available to you.