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How sexual harassment occurs even during remote work

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2024 | Sexual Harassment

Changing times and necessities allowed for multiple work models in the workplace, including transitions to remote work environments. Unfortunately, sexual harassment persists even in these situations through digital means.           

Harassment in remote work can take various forms, including but not limited to the following:

  • Inappropriate messaging: This includes sending unwelcome, sexually explicit or suggestive messages through chat platforms, emails or text messages.
  • Video call harassment: Making unwanted advances or comments during video conferences or displaying inappropriate images or behaviors on camera are forms of sexual harassment.
  • Social media harassment: Using social media platforms to stalk, harass or make unwelcome contact with a colleague outside of professional boundaries could warrant reports or legal action, whichever is necessary.
  • Invasive communication: This includes contacting colleagues at inappropriate times persistently or making personal comments that would be considered out of line in a physical office setting.
  • Sharing offensive material: Sexual harassment in remote work can also occur by circulating sexually explicit or offensive material among coworkers via digital means.

Because of the relatively unique nature of remote work, many victims of online harassment may be hesitant to come forward and report the misbehaviors, with many being unmonitored or unrecorded.

Do not let this unique circumstance overwhelm you

There are indeed challenges and nuances of addressing sexual harassment in remote work environments, especially where traditional office boundaries are not present. Nonetheless, this should not hinder employees from speaking up and exploring their remedies to fight these misconducts.

If you are a victim of remote work sexual harassment but are unsure of how you can address it, you may find clarity by speaking with a legal representative experienced in handling sexual harassment cases in the workplace.