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How the new California law protects patients from sexual abuse

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2023 | Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment

Physicians have a duty to provide their patients with a medical standard of care, which they can only legally give because of the privilege of their professional license. A professional license holds physicians to a higher standard. They assume a moral obligation to preserve the sanctity of the physician-patient relationship.

When a licensed medical professional sexually abuses their patient, they use their medical position to exploit a vulnerable person who trusts their credentials. California recently enacted a law prohibiting licensed medical professionals from getting their licenses back once they have committed sexual misconduct with patients. It prevents a physician from repeating sexual abuse to their patients ever again.

What are signs your physician is sexually abusing you?

As a patient, you value what your physician says because they can only get a license if they have the proper training and experience. You rely on them for diagnosis and treatment. They can use your trust in them to sexually abuse you without you realizing it. Here are some signs a physician is sexually abusing their patient:

  • The physician invites the patient to lunch, dinner or other activities
  • The physician sends lewd messages and photos to their patient
  • The physician excessively contacts the patient regarding matters unrelated to the health of the patient
  • The physician makes sexually suggestive comments, remarks and jokes
  • The physician touches the patient inappropriately
  • The physician performs unnecessary examinations, particularly on the patient’s private parts
  • The physician takes photographs of the patient’s private parts
  • The physician takes advantage of their patient who is unconscious or under anesthesia

A patient should feel safe when they visit their physician. After all, they went to their physician to get better.

Did your physician sexually abuse you?

If you believe your physician has been sexually abusing you, you should talk to someone immediately who can help you deal with such a traumatic experience. You can then bring a sexual abuse lawsuit against the physician to help shield future patients from the abuse.