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Overcome fear of retaliation: Sexual harassment protections

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2024 | Sexual Harassment

Reporting sexual harassment is a crucial step in combating the issue since it holds perpetrators accountable and can lead to systemic changes, creating safer environments for everyone.

Unfortunately, many victims and bystanders hesitate to report incidents of sexual harassment or take part in investigations of it because of their fear of retaliation. This is especially applicable in the workplace where employees are exposed to termination, salary reduction or other discriminatory actions related to their jobs.

Understanding the available protection against retaliation can help more people step up and combat sexual harassment.

U.S and California laws against retaliation

The U.S. puts significant importance in protecting the rights of workers against retaliation. Federal laws prohibit employers from retaliating against employees reporting sexual harassment. This protection also applies to employees participating in a harassment investigation. California laws expand on this protection by providing broader coverage and remedies for sexual harassment victims.

What do these protections mean for those who wish to report a sexual harassment incident? It means that they have a legal shield from retaliation, have a right to file complaints without fear of adverse consequences and can seek remedies through formal channels to address and resolve their grievances.

Workplace policies against retaliation

Many companies have policies that prohibit retaliation against employees reporting sexual harassment. These policies provide additional protection and a basis for disciplinary actions against those who engage in retaliation.

Protections against retaliation empower individuals to report sexual harassment without fear, ensuring a safer workplace. These laws and rules serve as a deterrent against misconduct and support victims and witnesses, reinforcing their right to speak out and seek justice.